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The Personal Journey is a stand alone healing program and also the first module of our Breathwork Training. What this means is you have two different options for joining.

  • We offer The Personal Journey at times where the group begins and finishes together at the end of 12-weeks. If you're here only for the Personal Journey, and don't want to become a breathwork facilitator, register for one of these dates. Later on if you decide that you want to become a breathwork facilitator, you'll have module 1 complete and will be able to join module 2 with another cohort. 
  • Every facilitator training begins with a Personal Journey. If you may be interested in continuing training after the personal journey, then start with a group who will be going through the full facilitator training.

Upcoming Dates and Links

Join Aysu Sinman (learn more about Aysu here) for an intimate Personal Journey experience, limited to 7 participants. Aysu will be joined by an OBI certified facilitator, so you will have two hosts supporting you through your journey.

This Journey begins April 12, 2023, and will occur Wednesdays 9:00AM - 11:00AM Eastern time for 12-weeks.

Register through one of the two options below.

The Personal Journey with Aysu

The Personal Journey (full facilitator training)

Our next breathwork training program starts on June 15th and will meet on Thursdays from  11:00AM—1:00PM ET. This training will be led by Lisa McNett. If you're curious about our full training program and want to consider joining this Personal Journey, complete this form and you'll be invited to schedule a Connection Call.

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