Transform Your Life and the Lives of Others:
Get Certified as an Introspective Breathwork™ Practitioner

Transform Your Life and the Lives of Others:

Get Certified as an Introspective Breathwork™ Practitioner

Why Breathwork?

Because it works.  Breathwork gets to the root of your problems in a way that nothing else can. 

Because breathwork gets to the root of your problems, your life gets better.  You find it easier to let go of your bad habits, and to create the new ones you’ve struggled with sticking to in the past. 

Breathwork helps you feel more connected (to yourself and others), see things from a new perspective, feel happier and more self-loving.

Why One Breath Institute (OBI)?

Our breathwork training is one of the most comprehensive breathwork training programs you will find, globally.  OBI sets the standard for ethics and integrity in breathwork, and is proud to be an accredited school by the Global Professional Breathwork Alliance. Are you a helper, healer, or leader  who is mission-driven and who feels called to be of service to the world?  Become a certified Trauma-Informed Introspective Breathwork™ Practitioner and help us transform the world, One Breath at a time!

We designed Introspective Breathwork™ as a system to support healing and self-actualization. 

We believe – 

  • Every individual holds within them their own solutions.  We can help you find them (and learn how to support your clients in this way).
  • Your body is designed to heal itself.
  • You CAN be and have all you desire.

YOU are enough!

At One Breath Institute, we create an environment that supports healing and wholeness. We provide support and a community in which you will feel heard, seen, valued and held. We invest in you, and, if you allow us to, walk with you every step of the way as you move through our programs in order to ensure your success. We keep our class sizes small so we can connect with you as an individual and learn how we can best support you, what you need, and how you learn. Our focus is on you, the individual, as you develop your skills as a breathwork facilitator, deepen your knowledge and create a sustainable business as a breathwork practitioner. At OBI, you are not just a number... This is just one way we stand out from other breathwork schools.

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The 4 Pillars of Our Breathwork School

Conscious Community

We provide a safe haven for people to connect and heal in this crazy world. 

We have become a global movement, and appreciate the diversity of our community. 

A big part of our mission is helping you to accept, trust and love yourself–so you feel empowered to be yourself and live authentically.  You are always welcome and encouraged to show up exactly as you are--no need to hide or change anything about yourself.

Trauma Healing

Our society is so permeated with trauma that we have normalized things which are not normal–or OK.  At OBI, we relate our society to a fishbowl. Fish are swim in polluted water, doing the best they can. If the water were clean, the fish would feel better, be healthier, and be more likely to thrive.  All the fish have ever known is life in the polluted fishbowl. The same can be said for humans. 

We are swimming in a fishbowl of trauma. Those who choose to consciously heal and transform their trauma are helping to change the world!


Breathwork is an embodied practice and a spiritual practice. 

In order to reach self-actualization, we have to reconnect with and integrate all aspects of ourselves–physical, mental, energetic, and spiritual. Introspective Breathwork™ provides a framework for this process, which involves healing and transmuting past experiences so that we can embody our truest self.

From an embodied, grounded place we can realize our full potential.

Knowledge & Support

Our students can't believe how much support they receive from us during and after their training. 

We care about you and want you to succeed as a breathwork practitioner, to the extent that we give you your 2nd year of training free. 

Our school received praise from the GPBA on how comprehensive our training is.

We walk with you every step of the way as you move through our breathwork practitioner training!

Hear what our students say about OBI:


I had an amazing time being a part of the personal journey. I learned so many things that have helped me heal. I now have so many tools and techniques I can use to help others as well. Not only has this experience taught me so much, but it has also allowed me to meet and form relationships with other amazing women. Thank you, Debbie and Lisa. You all are amazing.

Keisha Anderson


When I reflect on how One Breath Institute has changed my life, its hard to even remember who I was in the beginning.  The healing and insights that I experienced in The Personal Journey can hardly be put into words.  The empowerment I felt and continue to feel is still bringing growth and change to my life today.  I felt “called” to breathwork and I had never even experienced it!  Introspective Breathwork has changed who I am as a person (for the better) and my training at OBI with Lisa & Debbie has enabled me to have a profession that doesn’t feel like work.  I wake up feeling grateful that I GET to do this!  If you’re feeling the call or the nudge to become a Breathwork Facilitator, do it!  

Renee Kreienbrink


I am currently doing the Breathwork Facilitator training with One Breath Institute and my experience so far has been excellent.
The course is really well laid out with an abundance of information and resources. Lisa and Debbie are great teachers - intuitive, knowledgeable and experienced. They provide huge support and guidance throughout.
I have already learned so much that has enriched my life personally and I am using the knowledge and techniques gained so far with my massage therapy clients.
I would recommend One Breath Institute to anyone interested in training in breathwork.

Sarah Forristal


I am certified as a trauma informed Breathwork Facilitator from One Breath Institute, and now I am continuing the practitioner training with them. This school is much more than teaching how to facilitate breathwork sessions. It is a true safe space that empowers each individual by hearing, listening and seeing everyone's unique value.
The classes are full of information. They are very well planned and explained in the online platform which makes it easy to follow through.
Lisa and Debbie are truly committed to provide a top quality training and connection with integrity to their students. I have seen invaluable support through my Personal Journey.
I would highly recommend One Breath Institute and Introspective Breathwork if you are searching for a training in breathwork.

Aysu Sinman


Wow! Words cannot describe how beautiful and welcoming this space has become for me to grow and rediscover the best version of myself!! Deb and Lisa are incredible human beings that provide me the space to believe and love myself again! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! With love for myself and for you wonderful people that have been with me on this beautiful journey!

Ryan Creager

Meet OBI Founders: Andy and Lisa McNett and Debbie Schirmann

Our Vision

We imagine a world where a person doesn't need to recover from their childhood. A world in which all beings are valued for who they are, cultures are respected, and all voices are heard. 

We Are One Breath

One Breath Institute is a Private Membership Association and 508c1a, a non-profit and private entity.  Think of us as a private school and community–there is no fee to join, but you must be a member of our community to take advantage of our life-changing programs and courses.


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