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Breathwork is the future of healing. 

Our breath is the most powerful tool we have for overcoming stress and healing individual, collective, and ancestral trauma.


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Our Mission

Redefining healing through person-centered education to resolve trauma and inspire heart-centered communities, one breath at a time.


Breathwork Training

We provide healing services and world class breathwork certification training.  We recognize that all of our Breathwork participants are unique and have different needs at different times.  Whether you’re here to become a certified breathwork facilitator or embark on your own personal healing journey, we believe that in order for you to thrive (and to heal) you must feel safe.  When we feel safe, we are more willing to explore aspects of ourselves which may be scary or overwhelming.  Our drive for this institute is to give people the tools they need to become more connected with themselves - to heal and thrive in every aspect of their lives.


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Breathwork techniques to improve physical and mental health.

Why Is Breathwork So Powerful?


Breathwork is powerful because it:


BRINGS us into the present moment, to a state of being where we are able to heal from past affliction, fear, negative emotion, and even trauma.

OXYGENATES our blood, bringing “new life” to areas of the body and mind.

ALLOWS us to feel more deeply, thereby connecting us with our true nature and identity.

CONNECTS us with our “higher self”—our source of inspiration.

How Does Breathwork Help with Trauma?

Traumatic events, experiences, and memories can be stored in our bodies. Breathwork can help us to connect with our bodies on a very deep level in order to feel and identify the places where the trauma is stored. During a breathwork session, we can acknowledge and process the trauma in a safe and supportive environment so that we may heal.  Lisa and Debbie offer their thoughts on trauma in these two videos from a recent Q&A session:


One Breath Institute is founded by Lisa McNett and Debbie Schirmann. 

We are grateful you're here!

Lisa McNett has dedicated her life to helping people heal from the effects of trauma through self-empowerment and introspection, developing a wide scope of practice and depth of knowledge.

Debbie Schirmann is passionate about healing generational trauma and helping people reset their nervous system through stillness, breath and movement.

We aspire to co-create a world where every person has a voice, individuality is celebrated, and all cultures (and beings) are respected. 

We offer healing services and trauma-informed breathwork training.  

More About Us

How Our Breathwork School is Different 

We are not here to just teach you new skills.  We create an environment that supports healing and wholeness.  We connect with each individual who chooses to take a personal journey or become a practitioner with us, and we learn how we can best support you, what you need, how you learn.  We invest in you, and walk with you every step of the way as you move through programs with us, if you will allow us to.  Our intention is to create a relationship with you in which you will feel heard, seen, and held. 

We believe every individual holds within them their own solutions.  We help you find them.

Many modalities, schools, and teachers focus on teaching specific techniques and formulas for healing.  While we also teach technique, empirical knowledge and philosophy, our emphasis is on helping each individual become more present and conscious through the process of healing and integration.  Through our own personal healing journey, we acquire invaluable wisdom.  When you train to become a facilitator with us, we help you discover and bring forth your own innate talents and confidently combine your wisdom with the skills we teach. 

When we heal, that healing ripples out into our community and is passed down to future generations.

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