Become who you were meant to be.

Breathwork is one of the fastest growing healing modalities today - because it works.

Breathwork is the future of healing. 

Our breath is the most powerful tool we have for overcoming stress and healing individual, collective, and ancestral trauma.

This page will answer some of your questions about breathwork and our accredited Breathwork Facilitator certification training. 

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What is Breathwork Training?

I know - we all breathe, why do we need breathwork training?  Breathwork is a general term which refers to using the power of our breath for healing. There are many different ways to alter our breath pattern, and each of these can have different effects. In our breathwork training you will learn many of these techniques, but the main type of breathwork you will learn about is Introspective Breathwork™.  

We designed Introspective Breathwork™ as a system to support you in your personal healing and growth.  The philosophy of Introspective Breathwork™ is that every person has the ability to heal themselves, through a process that involves connecting with a present-moment sensation in their body, conscious breathing, and allowing the mind-body to completely process and integrate what arises.  We believe that Introspective Breathwork™ provides the safest, quickest and most effective way to transform someone's life! 

Breathwork Training - Where Do I Start?

At One Breath Institute, we create an environment that supports healing and wholeness. Our intention is to create a relationship with you in which you will feel heard, seen, and held. We provide healing and training in Introspective Breathwork.  

Breathwork is a modality that must be experienced to be fully understood.  Whether you're here to embark on your own personal healing experience, or to start your career as a certified Breathwork Facilitator, all roads begin with your own Personal Journey.

The Personal Journey is our signature 12 week healing program, and is also Module 1 of our Breathwork Facilitator training.  The Personal Journey is  designed for deep connection with yourself, to get real, to feel and to heal.  Regardless of where you are on your breathwork or personal development journey (experienced or brand new), The Personal Journey is an opportunity to deepen your innerstanding of how breathwork works, deepen your connection with yourself, and experience healing within the safety of our community.  This course not only gives you the opportunity to deepen your relationship with the breath, it also creates a solid foundation for becoming a facilitator. 

During the Personal Journey, you will learn

  • breathwork techniques
  • communication and coaching skills
  • how to identify tension and trauma in the body
  • about chronic stress
  • how to create a daily practice
  • about dreaming and consciousness
  • and more!

You will feel better than you have in years--you'll have more clarity on the direction you need to take in life, feel happier, lighter, and more energized. Plus, and you'll make lasting friendships! 

As well as being the first module of our Breathwork Facilitator certification program, The Personal Journey is open to all.

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You're here for a reason

You're tired of feeling stressed and overwhelmed all the time.  You KNOW there is more to life, and you're ready to claim more for yourself!

You have everything you need to live the life you want inside you.

You just need help accessing it.  You need help stripping away the layers of suffering, struggle, anxiety, and stress.

You need to learn how to connect with your body on a deeper level and create a felt sense of safety, peace, and well-being WITHIN yourself.

Your breath is the medicine you need.

What is a Breathwork Facilitator?

A breathwork facilitator is someone who has completed a breathwork facilitator training course that qualifies them to facilitate a breathwork session.  A breathwork facilitator should be knowledgeable about different styles of breathwork, physical and subtle anatomy, physiology, how to hold safe space for an individual or group during a breathwork session, and how to be with someone as they are in a deep and vulnerable process. 

In addition to these basic guidelines, we believe a breathwork facilitator needs have an understanding of trauma and how it impacts us both individually and collectively.  

A breathwork facilitator must always adhere to the highest ethical standards.  One Breath Institute provides trauma-informed training and require our students to agree to the ethical standards laid out by our accreditation board, the Global Professional Breathwork Alliance.

Breathwork Facilitator Training

Our facilitator training is thoughtfully prepared and will provide you with all the tools you need to begin practicing upon graduation.  We offer our 400-hour training in a modular format - the first three modules are:

  • Module 1: The Personal Journey
  • Module 2: Holding Safe Space
  • Module 3: Expand, Deepen, Connect

Completion of Modules 1-3 will certify you as a breathwork facilitator.  Upon completion you will be a certified breathwork facilitator, prepared and ready to facilitate breathwork for one to one clients and groups, host workshops and retreats.

How is the content delivered?  At this time, our comprehensive training is completely online. We meet for classes through the Zoom online platform.  It is a free platform for you and easy to use.  Being a 9 month program, our course includes 33 (2 hour) live online classes, and 3 pre-recorded anatomy webinars to be viewed.  Additionally, you are provided with course material weekly through an online platform (we use Kajabi), and are required to complete reading and other assignments.

Who is this training for?  We are committed to excellence and integrity, and attract students who are as well.  The student who attends One Breath Institute is unique. You have a tendency to question everything, and are a seeker of truth.  You are committed to self-mastery, personal healing and development, and to helping people create meaningful and lasting change in their lives.
Our students are:

  • mental health professionals
  • bodyworkers
  • life coaches
  • yoga instructors
  • a variety of wellness and holistic health professionals
  • educators and community leaders
  • anyone ready to shift into a new and more rewarding career helping others

Our students are curious and willing to learn new things about themselves, others, and the world in which we live.  They are interested in being a force for good in this world, and they understand the importance of being a trauma-informed breathwork facilitator.

 While a main focal point of our training is on the breath, even if you do not intend to facilitate breathwork this training will help you thrive in your life and relationships.  This training will help you be a better person.

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All About Safe Space

One of our main focuses is to teach our students to become a "safe space" for themselves and others during a breathwork session.  Only when we feel safe can we truly be in a space of healing.

What can I do as an OBI Breathwork Facilitator?

How Our Breathwork Training is Different 

Our core beliefs are:

  • People heal through courageous self-exploration
  • People heal through relationships (with themselves, others, and the natural world)
  • The body holds all memories and must be attended to
  • To be more expansive, one must be deeply grounded
  • We recognize every individual holds within them their own solutions

Because our society is one that promotes and rewards productivity and business, we have learned to value doing.  This has permeated into all aspects of our community, including the healing world.  Many modalities, schools, and teachers focus on techniques you do to heal yourself and your clients.  While we also teach technique, empirical knowledge and philosophy, our emphasis is on helping each individual become more present and conscious through healing individual, collective, and ancestral trauma. 

Our focus is on being.  Being still, listening deeply, connecting with ourselves and each other.  Being with whatever comes up, and feeling it fully.  Through being, feeling, and integrating, we become.  We become who we truly are - not who we've been programmed to be.  Human beings natural state of being is love, relaxation, and joy.  It's time to reclaim this!  

One Breath Institute is a Private Membership Association.  To join our community (free) and access our programs, or try a free breathwork session with us, click the image below!

Become a Certified Breathwork Practitioner

Help us change the world, one breath at a time!

At One Breath Institute, we hold space for you to heal, and our facilitator training prepares you to do the same for others.  When you choose to continue to Breathwork Practitioner Training, you deepen your commitment to excellence and self-mastery.  

What Is a Breathwork Practitioner?

Becoming a Breathwork Practitioner makes sense if you wish to establish yourself as a professional and take your breathwork career to the next level. During our year long practitioner training and mentorship you will receive supervision as you work with clients, giving you the opportunity to learn more as real world scenarios arise during a breathwork session. 

You will also

  • Learn to create a course and to teach breathwork
  • Receive supervision and mentorship as you build your breathwork business
  • Become a teacher with OBI and leader within our community

We recommend this path for the facilitator who is devoted to their work and to becoming a master practitioner.

As a breathwork practitioner, you can register with the Global Professional Breathwork Alliance and be listed on their website.  More information about becoming a practitioner will be provided per request, or as you near completion of our facilitator training.

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