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The Personal
Module 1: Your personal breathwork experience
Our signature 12-week Introspective Breathwork® Therapy journey, where you'll experience profound healing in ways you've never thought possible.
2-hour LIVE seminars every week, and access to our online learning content. Learn breathing, somatic, energetic and mindful techniques to support you in everyday life.
Enjoy lifetime access to IGNITE, an self-healing resource featuring Introspective Breathwork® Therapy techniques and guided experiences.
6-month membership to the OBI-Verse, our vibrant online community of students and alumni.
Receive three 1-to-1 breathwork support sessions (60-75 minutes each) with one of our support specialists.
Option to continue to certification with Modules 2, 3 & 4 (pay as you go).
4 easy payments of $313.75
Modules 1-3: Become a certified Facilitator
Includes everything in The Personal Journey, plus our comprehensive, trauma-informed breathwork training.
Become a certified Breathwork Facilitator in just 9 months and start earning income.
Be featured on our website and the Global Professional Breathwork Alliance website, where clients worldwide seek out accredited Breathwork professionals.
Get lifetime access to all training material.
We are the ONLY school that keeps our class sizes small (limited to 18 students), maximizing facetime with your teachers.
Receive nine 1-to-1 breathwork support sessions and access to our in-person student retreat (at no additional teaching fee).
Lifetime access to the OBI-Verse, our vibrant online community.
Deposit + 20 easy payments of $310
Modules 1-4: Become a certified Practitioner & Teacher
Includes everything in Modules 1-3, PLUS an additional year of training, including access to weekly coaching calls to ensure your success.
Achieve the highest accreditation in our field.
We are the ONLY school providing in-depth business training, including personalized marketing tools & business strategies.
Get really clear on exactly who your dream client is. Magnify your presence into the world so they can easily find you.
Learn to lead life-changing retreats, create online courses, and generate passive income.
Receive unlimited 1-to-1 breathwork support sessions.
Get the opportunity to become a mentor and teacher with us at OBI, or to create your own training programs.
Deposit + 24 easy payments of $325
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Why One Breath Institute (OBI)?

Breathwork Facilitator Training

One Breath Institute’s Breathwork Facilitator Training exceeds the 400-hour requirement to be accredited by the Global Professional Breathwork Alliance (GPBA). We are the only school that offers personal business development, and after just 9 months you’ll start earning an income as a Breathwork Facilitator while you work toward earning your Breathwork Practitioner certification. We are committed to excellence and integrity—we really want you to succeed!


The first 12 seminars, The Personal Journey, are dedicated to your experiential understanding of Introspective Breathwork®. Through the process of the Personal Journey, you experience profound personal growth and transformation. This creates a foundation for you, and as you move through each module of the training, your self-healing and personal development will continue to deepen. Through this process, you will learn how to develop your personal style as a Breathwork Practitioner.

Core Teaching Team

We have 30+ years combined experience working with individuals and groups, supporting collective healing processes and fostering community development, providing healing services and training programs, and leading transformational workshops and retreats. Together, we have created the most comprehensive breathwork training program in the world! Our training is person-centered, and we keep our class sizes low (less than 20 students per cohort).

Learn how to hold individual and group breathwork sessions, online and in-person.

Learn applied anatomy, kinesiology & physiology from Breathwork experts

Learn about trauma and how to be with someone as they are in a deep and vulnerable process.

Module 1: The Personal Journey

Embark on a transformative personal journey with our training, designed for deep self-connection and healing. Whether you're a seasoned Breathworker or a novice, our course enriches your understanding of breathwork, deepens self-awareness, and promotes healing within a supportive community.

A key aspect of becoming a Breathwork Facilitator is mastering the art of holding space - for your clients and yourself. Learn to navigate your personal triggers and emotional responses, ensuring they don't impact your client's experience.

*Our 2 hour classes are held weekly, LIVE through Zoom. These classes are private for your cohort only. You’ll also complete coursework through our online learning platform, Kajabi.

Orientation + Introduction
Sensing Energy + The Felt Sense
Recognizing Trauma (Trauma 1)
Meet Yourself and Each Other
Language and the Words We Use
Healing Our Relationships
The Masks We Wear
Chronic Stress
Connecting the Dots
The Dreamworld 1
Feeling and Moving
Reflecting on Your Journey + Celebration

Module 2: Holding Safe Space

In Module 2, you begin to practice holding safe space by facilitating one-to-one breathwork sessions. We support you in discovering your unique approach to seeing clients.

We believe that every individual has different gifts and strengths--that there is a specific population waiting to receive what you have to offer! The way we teach is designed to help you discover and develop your personal gifts while learning to trust yourself.

*Our 2 hour classes are held weekly, LIVE through Zoom. These classes are private for your cohort only. You’ll also complete coursework through our online learning platform, Kajabi.

Introduction to One to Ones, Ethics + Boundaries
Anatomy part 1
The Dreamworld 2
The Frame (can begin one-to-one’s after this seminar)
Grounding + Appropriate Touch
Trauma 2 + Addiction
Giving and Receiving Feedback
The History of Breathwork
What to Do When Things Go Wrong
Stages of the Journey + Music
Anatomy, Part 2
Ceremony + Open Session

Module 3: Expand, Deepen, Connect

In Module 3, you will expand your knowledge and capacity to hold space for others. Right away, you will have the opportunity to lead group breathwork sessions within our OBI community and for those within your own community.

We will also dive deeper into topics you already have a strong foundation in (from the first two modules), as well as learn everything you need to know to start your business as a certified Breathwork Facilitator. Module 3 is about connecting everything you've learned so far, developing skills to tap into the collective consciousness, and preparing you to begin your new career as a Breathworker!

*Our 2-hour classes are held weekly, LIVE through Zoom. These classes are private for your cohort only. You’ll also complete coursework through our online learning platform, Kajabi.

Introduction to Group Sessions
Introduction to Marketing + Business
Advanced Meditation Skills
Activities, Exercises, and Games
Advanced Facilitation + Coaching Skills
Advanced Dreamwork
Introduction to Workshops + Retreats
Contraindications + Abreactions
Open Session + Questions
Subtle Anatomy (Chakras)
Anatomy, Part 3
Ceremony + Celebration

Module 4: The Road to Practitioner

You are now a trauma-informed Introspective Breathwork® Facilitator, ready to begin your career. This module is designed to support you as a developing professional while you grow a sustainable business.

In Module 4, we support you as you develop your individual style and niche as a Breathworker. This module is more flexible than the previous ones, as it is less content-heavy and driven by your individual goals and needs.

At this stage, you have the opportunity to join our weekly live coaching calls which are open to Module 4 students from all cohorts. During these calls, you’ll receive coaching and feedback to help you apply the learning material, and there will be opportunity for questions/discussions about real-life scenarios you may encounter while working with clients.

Experience the Personal Journey again, with a new perspective (you also have the opportunity to become a co-facilitator of and even learn to lead the Personal Journey)
Learn How to Find Your Dream Client
Create a Workshop
Discover Your Niche & Get Excited
Create a Course
Break down your ‘money-belief’ barriers
Learn How to Create Endless Amounts of Content
Create a Retreat
Magnify Your Marketing with Astrology
Business Foundations
Show Up and Lead
Develop Your Own Masterclasses
*Also included in your tuition, you’ll have the opportunity to both experience and become certified to facilitate The Personal Law (a Rebirthing Breathwork workshop).

What you will learn during your breathwork training

How to use Introspective Breathwork® for therapeutic purposes
How to guide a client to finding their own answers through transformative communication and coaching
How to identify and work with trauma
Self-care and self-reflective practices
Dreamwork, which is completely unique to our school
How to use touch and movement during a healing session
Advanced meditation skills
Anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology of the breath
How to facilitate many types of sessions, create workshops, and lead retreats
How to create a healing relationship with a client
Ethics, boundaries, and the role of the facilitator
The history of breathwork, different types of breathwork, the science of breathwork
Marketing and the business of breathwork
And much more!
With breathwork, I release the expectations, validation, and impressions I have absorbed from others. Although we are autonomous creatures, the world's distractions may sometimes blind us. Breathwork lights the way back to our highest selves.

CC Cerrito

OBI Student

I had the pleasure of finding my way to the One Breath Institute after getting to do introspective Breathwork sessions with Lisa. I have been trained in Breathwork as a therapist, and I’ve done many personal Breathwork sessions and co-facilitated several powerful Breathwork groups; Lisa’s style, and the approach taken by the rest of the OBI founders and team, is among the most powerful healing experiences I have had. I jumped at the chance to go through the training which is focused not only on how to be a breathworker, but how to be an authentic and attuned healer.

Brennon P Moore

OBI Student

When I reflect on how One Breath Institute has changed my life, it's hard to even remember who I was in the beginning. I felt ‘called’ to breathwork and I had never even experienced it! Introspective Breathwork™ has changed who I am as a person (for the better) and my training at OBI with Lisa & Debbie has enabled me to have a profession that doesn’t feel like work. I wake up feeling grateful that I GET to do this! If you’re feeling the call or the nudge to become a Breathwork Facilitator, do it!

Renee Kreienbrink

OBI Student

Our program nurtures personal
and professional growth.

More than a certification

Develop self-awareness, enhance your therapeutic presence, and undergo a transformative personal journey alongside gaining your certification.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Is The Breathwork Facilitator Online Training?

The total length of our breathwork training is 2 years (24 months), and offers you two certifications. Become a certified Breathwork Facilitator in 9 months (upon the completion of modules 1-3 and all corresponding coursework) and start earning income while you continue toward acquiring certification as a Breathwork Practitioner (completion of module 4 and all corresponding coursework).  

If life 'happens' and you cannot complete the full training in the timeframe as planned, you can remain within our community and rejoin a future cohort at the module where you left off.

How Will The Course Material Be Delivered?

Our course is structured for you to connect with material in a few different ways:

  • We meet weekly for LIVE seminars through Zoom, a free and easy to use video conferencing platform.
  • You receive new video and written content weekly through Kajabi, an easy to use online learning platform.
  • Join LIVE Masterclasses and healing sessions, offered through Zoom, or watch the recording.
  • In addition, there are several books you are required to read as part of your coursework.

Why Do I Need The Personal Journey?

Regardless of where you are on your breathwork or personal development journey (experienced or brand new), the Personal Journey is an opportunity to deepen your innerstanding of how breathwork works, deepen your connection with yourself, and experience healing within the safety of our community.

A big part of being a Breathwork Facilitator is your capacity to hold space for others while they’re in a deep and vulnerable process, while also holding space for ourselves.  We need to be able to keep our own triggers, personal issues, and emotional responses from affecting our clients.

"Everyone carries a shadow, and the less it is embodied in the individual's conscious life, the blacker and denser it is."

- Carl Jung

Why Is It Important To Be Trauma-Informed?

Trauma is much more prevalent than most people realize.  Even though someone may not identify with having experienced trauma, everyone has and is likely carrying generational trauma.  Trauma is not just a major event that occurs, or simply the result of growing up in an abusive household.

Our nervous system is highly sophisticated.  Trauma is our body's physiological response to something which occurs, and we all respond in different ways.  

Collectively in our society, we are living in a field of trauma the way fish can be swimming in polluted water - it's all around us but it seems perfectly normal.

Breathwork is incredibly powerful, and even if your focus is not on healing trauma, it can happen.  Stored emotion and trauma can rise to the surface, and we need to know how to best serve our client when it does.

How Can I Make Money As A Breathwork Facilitator?

Because it is so effective and can be done remotely (as well as in-person), breathwork is growing at a rapid pace - we need more skilled Breathwork Facilitators to respond to our world’s growing need!

There are several different ways to make money as a Breathwork Facilitator, and we'll likely see new ways as this modality continues to grow.  Here are some ways to make an income:

  • Establish a practice seeing clients on a one-to-one basis, in-person or online  
  • Add breathwork as an additional service for your current clients, or integrate it into your current services
  • Offer in-person and online workshops as stand alone events or in collaboration with other types of practitioners
  • Offer a monthly membership program for access to healing experiences, classes and recordings
  • Host retreats
  • Develop a niche and work with specific communities: addiction recovery, corporate wellness, children, pregnancy, and more…
  • Through an App, speaking engagements, writing, and more…
  • Teach breathwork by training new Breathwork Facilitators after earning your Breathwork Practitioner certification

Who Is This Breathwork Training For?

Our students are:

  • Mental health professionals
  • Addiction specialists
  • Bodyworkers
  • Yoga and pilates instructors
  • Nurse coaches, holistic health coaches, life coaches
  • A variety of wellness and holistic health professionals
  • Educators and community leaders
  • Anyone ready to shift into a new and more rewarding career helping others

What Are The Pre-Requisites To This Training?

There are no specific prerequisites, but we have the following entry requirements:

  • You have experienced breathwork and understand the basic principles of our training
  • You have experienced some form of group work and are willing to participate and engage with your training group
  • You agree to our code of ethics
  • You are aware of the amount of work required and willing to commit yourself
  • An application is required
  • An interview is required before joining a cohort

Is There An In-Person Component To This Training?

There are no mandatory in-person components to our training, but there are opportunities for in-person training experiences (you are encouraged to perform in-person breathwork sessions as part of your practice requirement). We also offer 1-2 student retreats per year that you’re invited to join. Additional costs for in-person student retreats include your accommodations, food, travel, and any personal expenses (however, there is no basic retreat/event cost to our students).

How Much Support Will I Receive During This Training?

One of the most prominent forms of feedback we receive most is how surprised our students are by the high level of support they receive from our course instructors and our inclusive community.

Our training is person-centered, which means it's important for us to have a personal connection with you. We’ll get to know each other–you will never be just a number to us. You will have a private group to regularly connect with those in your cohort. You’ll receive mentorship and have the opportunity to join open “office hours” to ask questions and to meet with a mentor for 15-minute check-ins as needed.  We also meet at different intervals throughout your training to evaluate your progress.

We have in-house specialists available to hold space for you when you need extra support, and group healing sessions you can join.

Experience Introspective Breathwork®

Every Sunday, you get the opportunity to experience (for free) healing with our community.

1st Sunday of each month: Join OBI founder Lisa McNett or Debbie Dickey for an Introspective Breathwork® experience that may include any aspect of our life-changing healing modality, including breathwork, guided meditation, movement, sound, and more.

All other Sundays: Experience Introspective Breathwork®, guided by an OBI student in training or one of our graduates.

By registering for any one of these sessions, you are agreeing to the terms of One Breath Institute's membership agreement. You also acknowledge the risks involved with conscious connected breathwork, have read over the contraindications and sought professional medical advice as necessary.

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