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Are You Ready To Become A Breathworker?

Hear from our Founder, Lisa McNett and Co-Founder, Debbie Schirmann who our training is for and how our trainings will best support you in any career.


Why One Breath Institute?

Breathwork Training

One Breath Institute's Breathwork Facilitator Training is a 400-hour accredited training program (by the Global Professional Breathwork Alliance (GPBA)). In 9 months you can start making money as a breathwork facilitator.  We are committed to excellence and integrity, and give you your second year of training to become a practitioner at no extra cost. We really want you to succeed!  


Core Teaching Team

We have 25 years combined experience working with individuals and groups providing healing services, leading workshops, and training programs.  Together we have created one of the most comprehensive breathwork training programs you will find today!  Our training is person-centered, and we keep our class sizes low (no more than 16 students).

Self Development

The first 12 seminars, The Personal Journey, are dedicated to your experiential understanding Introspective Breathwork.  Through the process of the Personal Journey, you experience profound personal growth and transformation.  This creates a foundation for you, and as you move through each module of the training, you will to learn how to develop your personal style as a breathwork practitioner.


Learn how to hold individual and group breathwork sessions, online and in-person.



Learn applied anatomy, kinesiology & physiology.



Learn about trauma and how to be with someone as they are in a deep and vulnerable process.


Our global community is always expanding! 

During your training you receive much support, make lifelong relationships with your classmates, and connect with the One Breath Community. 
After graduating, you continue to be supported by One Breath Institute through ongoing community connections, monthly workshops, and more!  

Is This Training For Me?

If you feel called to help others, and be of service, then yes- this training is for you!  Some of our students have a background in wellness - working as coaches, yoga instructors, therapists, or in other ways, and have discovered that breathwork will help their clients in more ways than they currently offer.  But you don't have to currently work in wellness!  We also have students who have decided to make a career change and become a breathwork facilitator because breathwork has been such a powerful force for transformation in their life.  

Once you begin working with the breath personally, it transforms you.  Breathwork helps you learn more about yourself, drop the stress and burdens you've been carrying around, heal your relationships and connect more deeply with others, live more authentically, and more!

How can I make a difference as a breathwork facilitator?

Breathwork offers real, and sometimes immediate, results.  Just one breathwork session can make a life changing impact in someone's life!  Think about it - what was your first breathwork session like?

Some of the ways we help people heal through breathwork are:

  • to overcome addiction or other self-destructive behaviors
  • recognize they have choices, and find the courage to create positive change in their life
  • overcome fear and anxiety
  • be kinder and more compassionate to themselves and others
  • heal from past painful experiences
  • gain new insight and awareness about their life experiences and relationships
  • learn to create healthy boundaries and improve relationships
  • reconnect with and learn more about themselves 
  • find more joy and passion for life
  • heal trauma and dis-ease
  • and so much more!

Why is it important to be trauma-informed?

You will be holding space for people through a vulnerable process.  Breathwork takes people into expanded states of consciousness, where they will can feel and be aware of more.  This in itself requires a level of sensitivity and presence from the facilitator.  In addition, more people have experienced and are holding trauma than most people are aware of.  In our society, trauma is so prevalent that we often don't recognize it.  We are swimming in an ocean of collective trauma in the way fish swim in polluted water - it's all around and affecting us in ways we aren't aware of until we begin healing.  To be a trauma-informed breathwork facilitator is important because it will prepare you to recognize trauma when it presents itself and know how to best assist a person through their personal process.


Hear from some of our students:


My experience with OBI has been nothing short of incredible!  The conscious community of like minded souls has been powerful for my transformation into the best version of myself! Absolutely would recommend it for anyone and everyone! 

-Ryan Creager


I am so grateful to you, Lisa and Debbie for creating a safe, warm and loving space in every breathwork practice and in our Breathwork Facilitator Training. I feel so energized, refreshed, nourished, more connected to myself and people around me after each session. You have a perfect mix of coaching and teaching while asking questions about what needs attention. I have experienced the feeling and breathing of oneness which was extraordinary and it's just the beginning.

-Aysu Sinman


I am thrilled to be a part of the Breathwork Facilitator Program at One Breath Institute. Lisa and Debbie have put together a strong program that includes an educational component with videos, articles, and books along with an experiential component with live weekly classes. The classes themselves have been incredibly powerful so far. I entered this program in part to develop stronger a relationship with my horses. In the short time I’ve been enrolled, I’ve noticed significant improvements in my connection with each of them. I’m so excited to continue the program and discover where this part of the journey takes me.

-Jorgia Wooten

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life, and you will call it fate.”
Carl Jung

What you will learn during your breathwork training

  • How to use breathwork for therapeutic purposes
  • The history of breathwork, different types of breathwork, the science of breathwork
  • How to create a healing relationship with a client
  • How to guide a client to finding their own answers through transformative communication and coaching
  • How to identify and work with trauma
  • How to use touch and movement during a healing session
  • Anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology 
  • How to facilitate many types of sessions, create workshops, and lead retreats
  • Marketing and the business of breathwork
  • Ethics, boundaries, and the role of the facilitator
  • Self-care and self-reflective practices
  • Advanced meditation skills
  • Dreamwork, which is completely unique to our school
  • And much more!
Answers to your questions:

Ongoing support after completing your breathwork training



You're investing in your training, and we invest in YOU! 
We wish for you to remain a close part of our community.  We provide ongoing professional development, community meetups, and workshops. 
We also offer a second year training, The Road To Practitioner, for those interested in teaching breathwork.