About Us

Our Vision

We imagine a world where people don't need to recover from their childhood. A world in which all beings are valued for who they are, cultures are respected, and all voices are heard.

We can co-create this world by first attending to our own preconceived notions and personal belief systems - by resolving our inner roadblocks which prevent us from being fully present with, capable of seeing, hearing, and accepting of others.  

Meet the Team

Founders and Certified Facilitators

Lisa McNett

Founder & Teacher

Lisa, a relentless explorer, fueled by a lifelong curiosity in human behavior and self-discovery, embodies a visionary leader bridging ancient wisdom with a New World vision. Her transformative journey, marked by triumph over trauma and addiction, is guided by faith and an unwavering life purpose.

In her career as a hospitality manager, Lisa traversed the US, nurturing her unique spirit. In 2007, her inner calling led her to India, where a profound 'Kundalini Awakening' unveiled latent gifts, propelling her into the realms of healing arts and intuitive growth.

At her core, Lisa is dedicated to helping individuals heal and integrate adverse experiences, with a strong focus on trauma recovery. Over 17 years, she's assisted diverse groups, including incarcerated individuals and at-risk US Veterans, believing that healing trauma ripples across generations and contributes to global healing.

As the founder of One Breath Institute and co-developer of Introspective Breathwork® Therapy, Lisa's life purpose blooms, fostering a global network of trauma-informed practitioners. Her work also extends to The Guest House, a trauma and addiction treatment center, where she serves as a Clinical Breathwork Practitioner.

In essence, Lisa's mission is clear: to contribute to the transformation and healing of the world through her unique blend of wisdom, experience, and compassion.

Debbie Schirmann

Co-Founder & Teacher

Debbie is a natural-born leader and healer, guided by her deep passion for facilitating honest journeys towards self-love and self-trust.  She achieves this by addressing birth, generational and death trauma through the profound practices of Introspective Breathwork® Therapy, Dreamwork and Human Design.

With academic qualifications in human services, sociology, and criminology, Debbie initially embarked on a career in a youth prison facility, later expanding her impact in various nonprofit and government roles aimed at assisting at-risk families. Her advocacy work in domestic violence shelters and suicide crisis hotlines showcased her dedication to helping those in need.

A critical career moment led Debbie to question her role within a system she believed perpetuated recidivism and abuse. This self-reflection inspired her personal healing journey, emphasizing autonomy, safety, self-reliance, and authenticity. Debbie trained as a Licensed Massage Therapist, Quantum Energy worker, and a Conscious Connected Breathwork Facilitator. She established Love Today Therapy and co-founded One Breath Institute, where she is devoted to the ethical and training standards in breathwork and hopes to create safe spaces all over the globe.

Debbie's journey stands as a testament that achieving emotional and mental freedom, fostering a profound connection with your body, and healing from chronic migraines and panic attacks are indeed possible. 

Andy McNett

Co-Founder & Teacher

Andy believes that by harnessing the power of the breath, we have the ability to unlock our ‘true potential’—physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. In 2010, he began studying yoga, reiki and crystal healing; soon thereafter he obtained certifications as a yoga teacher and Usui Shiki Ryoho reiki practitioner.  His journey as a holistic healer also led to an interest in CranioSacral Therapy—learned via the Upledger Institute—which he started to study and practice in 2012.  He obtained a Master's Degree in Occupational Therapy from the University of Florida in 2015, and currently provides the services of CranioSacral Therapy and Introspective Breathwork® Therapy to his local community in Ocala, Florida as well as internationally.  Andy is also a firm believer in the power of sound healing, and enjoys playing various musical instruments including the crystal bowls. 

Andy played a vital role in the formation and foundation of One Breath Institute, and created the Anatomy portion of the OBI curriculum. He currently teaches a series of classes entitled, ‘The Breath: Anatomy, Physiology and Kinesiology’, and also offers masterclasses on the topics of trauma, the nervous system, Polyvagal Theory, sound healing, and more. In addition, Andy serves as Enrollment Coordinator for OBI, and is grateful for the opportunity to serve others on their individual and collective journeys of healing and growth.  He believes that as humans, collectively, our breath holds the key to unlocking our infinite potential to heal and bring peace to the world.

Book an online breathwork session with Andy HERE
Email: andywithobi@gmail.com

Aysu Sinman

Teacher & Mentor

Hey there! I’m Aysu. I’m a mom and enthusiast of art and life who loves growth and learning. I’m a certified Pilates and Yoga instructor with over 15 years of experience. In addition to my expertise in movement and mindfulness, I’ve delved into the world of holistic healing, and have acquired certifications in Advanced Pranic Healing and Emotional Freedom Technique.

Becoming an Introspective Breathwork® Therapy Practitioner, certified by OBI is the most fulfilling aspect of my journey. I’m deeply honored to be the lead teacher of The Personal Journey at One Breath Institute. It’s a role I cherish, filled with deep respect and gratitude. The love I have for this role stems from the tremendous impact it has on lives. It’s a privilege to support individuals as they explore the depths of their being through breath on their transformative path of self-discovery, healing, and empowerment. Beyond my work with OBI, I lead group and in-person sessions, and workshops in collaboration with sound healers and voice coaches. My personal work is helping parents discover self-love and fostering profound, meaningful connections with their children through breathwork and coaching. Whether online or in-person, my mission is to empower parents to embrace mindful parenting and improve their relationship with their children, ultimately paving the way for a brighter future for families.

Instagram: @breathglow
Facebook: BreathGlow
Email: breathglow@gmail.com

Sarah Forristal

Assistant Teacher & Mentor

My name is Sarah, I am a Holistic Therapist living on the south west coast of Ireland. I am a qualified Breathwork Facilitator, Massage Therapist, Reflexologist and Nutritional Therapist with a background in Chinese Medicine. I weave all of my knowledge and experience together in my work.

I am an Assistant Teacher and Mentor with One Breath Institute. I feel privileged to witness the transformative power of breathwork and the beautiful unfolding of embodied experience within each person and collectively as a group.

I have recently opened up a new treatment space where I see clients in-person for breath and body therapy. I facilitate group sessions and lead seasonal workshops incorporating ancient wisdom and breathwork. I also offer virtual breathwork sessions through Zoom.

Website: vitalise.ie

Vane Rincon

Support Specialist & Assistant Teacher

HI! I'm Vanessa Rincón. I'm a Breathwork facilitator, Family Constellation facilitator, and Transpersonal Coach. At OBI, I have the joy of serving as a Student Support, a role that I hold close to my heart. Creating a safe, nurturing space for others, especially our students, to support their personal growth is a profoundly rewarding job.

I usually integrate all my modalities to craft personalized and one-of-a-kind sessions. These sessions are designed to help individuals embody their emotions, connect with their most authentic selves, and undergo a transformation in how they perceive themselves and their bodies, fostering a sense of safety and belonging, and allowing individuals to flourish on their unique path of self-discovery. I'm excited to be a part of your journey!

Website: vanerespira.com
Instagram: @vanerespira

Sophia Brunn

Support Specialist & Mentor

Hi, I'm Sophia, trauma-informed Introspective Breathwork®  Therapy Facilitator living in Berlin, Germany. Originally an Osteopath specializing in working with women through all stages & emotions of life, I have throughout my journey always been a support person in healing. 

Naturally, at OBI I am part of the student support team. I experience immense joy and honor in being a close ally to someone who is walking the courageous path of healing themselves & others. What makes my role on OBI's student support team even more fulfilling is the opportunity to establish meaningful, enduring connections and provide ongoing support.

Beyond my role at OBI, I facilitate breathwork & healing for women in a series of one-on-one sessions & extended group experiences online. My focus is rooted in working with the female body, listening to her, to the messages she whispers or at times yells through bodily sensations, including pain, numbness & disease. I support women in dropping the weight of personal & ancestral experiences to live a life founded on unwavering self trust & the pure pleasure of being here as a valuable part of this earth.

website: soilsdaughterbreathing.com
Instagram: @soils.daughter
Facebook: Soil's Daughter Healing

Heather Alexander

Student Resource Specialist

Hello! My name is Heather and I recently planted roots in Las Vegas, Nevada due to the world class rock climbing here at Red Rock. I studied Art in college and have spent most of my adult life working for The National Park Service as a park ranger. 

During these years of feeling unfulfilled, I have been drawn to holistic healing modalities and was waiting for something to call to me. I knew that I wanted to serve, but was unsure how to take that first step. Breathwork found me and then I found OBI!  I am currently enrolled in the Trauma Informed Introspective Breathwork®  Therapy Program, and also serve as OBI's Student Resource Specialist. As I grow in my practice, I plan to help others in their journey of self discovery, reaching their full potential, and to heal and grow from their self limiting beliefs.

Website: Radianceunearthed.com

Brittany Brdecka


I am a forever student, a mystic, rebellious, creative, and I love humans.

I joined the OBI team to be among like minded empaths working to help people discover a more resourced, joyful, compassionate, and authentic life experience. Trauma resolution is the most important work I can do on a personal level, and assisting the collective is a privilege.

My background is traveling internationally as a coach for adult children of high achieving parents experiencing acute mental health challenges; this includes not-for-profit addiction and crisis management work, and songwriting. In addition to studying at OBI, I am working towards a Master of Divinity degree, building a Chicago-based nonprofit, and Comprehensive Trauma Informed Yoga training.

Facebook: Breathe with Bird

John Kelly


I'm an adventurer and truth seeker, committed to the path of growth and self-discovery. I currently resides in Vietnam and have been living abroad for the last decade.

I'm an OBI certified Breathwork Facilitator and an ICF Associate Certified Coach. My journey with OBI began out of a deep-rooted desire to be a part of the inspiring mission to create an international healing community. My transformative experiences as a Breathwork Facilitator have not only sharpened my sense of purpose, but also unveiled a clearer vision of my role to support and guide as many people as possible on their unique paths of healing, exploration and growth.

Outside of OBI, I offer transformation coaching and breathwork facilitation. My programs blend coaching with Introspective Breathwork® Therapy, each tailored to resonate with the unique individual needs of my clients. While I'm dedicated to supporting all people seeking a deep, lasting change in their life, I specialize in guiding men to navigate through emotional blockages, overcome limiting beliefs, and embrace the essence of their masculinity.

Website: inhaleexhale.net
Facebook: Inhale Exhale

Student Resource Specialist
Student Resource Specialist