Our Vision

We imagine a world where a person doesn't need to recover from their childhood. A world in which all beings are valued for who they are, cultures are respected, and all voices are heard. 

We can co-create this world by first attending to our own  preconceived notions and personal belief systems - by resolving our inner roadblocks which prevent us from being fully present with, capable of seeing, hearing, and accepting of others.  

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Lisa McNett, Founder

Lisa is a curious explorer with a lifelong interest in understanding herself and human behavior. Driven by faith and a need to fulfill her life’s purpose, she is a visionary leader who carries and shares ancient wisdom.  Lisa is incarnated at this time to assist humanity's transition into a New World.

Lisa has always been an anomaly.  She has experienced extremes throughout her life, as she continually pushes her personal boundaries and perceived limitations. Lisa has also lived through—and overcome—the extremes of trauma and addiction. She believes that through healing our trauma, knowing who we are, and embodying our truest selves, we become more present—and presence is the greatest gift we can give to ourselves and others. 

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Debbie Schirmann, Co-Founder

is passionate about healing generational trauma and helping people reset their nervous system through stillness, breath and movement. Working with people around the world, she hopes to make conscious healing tools accessible for everyday life and bring awareness to the importance of dreamwork. 

Debbie attended the University of Boulder for 3 years and ultimately graduated from Fort Lewis College, with a dual degree in Human Services and Sociology and a minor in Criminology. Throughought her studies she was an advocate for women in domestic violence shelters, a support person for the a sexual abuse hotline in Colorado and interned with a youth prison facility. (Click here to read more)

Andy McNett, Guest Teacher

believes that by harnessing the power of the breath, we have the ability to unlock our ‘true’ potential—physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. As a contributor and content creator for OBI, he is grateful for the opportunity to serve others on their individual and collective journeys of healing and growth. Andy has been a lifelong student of the intricacies of the human body, and currently teaches a series of classes entitled, ‘The Breath: Anatomy, Physiology and Kinesiology’ at OBI. 

While studying at Florida Gateway College in 2010, Andy began working as a tutor at the office of Disabilities Services. It was there that he discovered the valuable role of occupational therapy (OT), involving adaptive learning strategies, cognitive-based therapies, and engagement in meaningful activity during learning and healing processes.  This led him to pursue a degree in OT, motivated by an ongoing fascination with the human nervous system and holistic healing methods. (Click here to read more)

Aysu Sinman, Assistant Teacher

An optimist and a lover of life, Aysu is driven from the heart and committed to spreading goodness. She is passionate about growing, learning, discovering human behavior, and tapping into our wisdom. Her curiosity about how life can be lived in a distinctively meaningful way has caused her to question everything happening around her.  She has been immensely interested in human capacity throughout her life, and she is dedicated to helping people reach their innate potential by understanding themselves truly and more deeply through presence - being aware of sensations and feelings, breathing mindfully, embodying emotions, and expressing themselves freely.

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Wendy Kimball, Breathwork Facilitator

Wendy Kimball, Owner of Nurtured Growth, is both ardent student and passionate teacher of self-care, life balance, trauma healing, wellness, empowerment, and personal growth. 

Wendy's own transformative journey of healing and personal growth serves as her inspiration, and today she is proud and grateful to share the skills she has learned with her clients. As a Certified Breathwork Facilitator, Certified TRE Provider, and ICF/ACC Certified Personal Transformational Coach, Wendy helps others on their journey toward empowerment and healing. (Click here to read more, and to book a session with Wendy)

Rachel Elizabeth Gordich, MindBody Integration Specialist

Rachel is passionate about human growth and evolution. Rachel believes, by aligning with the principles and flow of Nature, we can collectively create just, harmonious experiences of life. Through the practice of Conscious Embodiment, we awaken to our innate wisdom and bloom into our true forms.

Rachel suggests, “We each have the ability to heal from traumatic experiences and to learn to live a life guided by embodied presence.” As a Holistic Somatic Practitioner, Rachel’s therapeutic approach includes the wisdom of Humanistic, Existential, and Psychodynamic theory infused with the philosophies of Yoga, Energy Psychology, and Indigenous Human-Earth practices. Rachel believes that soul healing requires a recalibration of the relationship between body, heart and mind. 

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Sarah Forristal, Breathwork Facilitator

Sarah is a breathwork facilitator and holistic therapist, specialising in massage therapy and reflexology. Creative and curious, Sarah studied art after leaving school and then went on to train in bodywork. Immersing herself in Chinese medicine theory and the practice of yoga, qigong and meditation opened up a connection to the internal landscape of the body. Through her training with a Daoist master she learned to become aware of the subtle layers and to see life and nature in a new way.

‘I felt drawn to breathwork and after hearing the call repeatedly I first trained in pranayama techniques and then found One Breath Institute. Breathwork training with OBI opened a door of discovery through which I am continuously learning.’

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"Live your truth. 

It's that feeling in your body.

The feeling that whispers to your mind."


-One Breath Institute

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