Diving into the Deep, with Pablo Castro

Pablo Castro is a Breathwork Practitioner and Trainer. His passion for the breath, felt sense and water therapy is at the core of what he shares with one to one's and groups around the world. He's been a lead trainer with Alchemy of Breath for 5 years, and is based in Bali. You can reach Pablo through the following channels:

Email - Instagram - Website 

Episode 10: The Power of Arriving Present Learn how Presence supports you in all aspects of your life.

Episode 9: An Introduction to Astrology Learn how Astrology can be a helpful tool, an introspective practice, to support you in your life!

Episode 8: The Dark Side of Spirituality

Episode 7: The Power of Sobriety What does it mean to be sober?  Why do we seek out substances?  And why does sobriety matter...?

In this episode, listen to Debbie and Lisa discuss their ideas about what is means to be a Starseed.

In this episode we speak with Aysu Sinman about healing through breathwork.  Learn more about Aysu on our "About" page.

In this episode we speak Meditation and Healing with Keli Carpenter,the Founder of “The Other Side of Average – Therapy for the Soul” and transformational coach.

Find and follow Keli for more at:

Website - Instagram - Facebook

In this episode we speak Astrology with Jaime Lee Goldstein, a Heart-Centered astrologer who has an intimate connection with the Living Sky and Earth.

Find and follow Jaime for more at:

Website - Instagram - YouTube

"Live your truth. 

It's that feeling in your body.

The feeling that whispers to your mind."


-One Breath Institute

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