Aysu Sinman

is passionate about personal growth, learning, discovering, and tapping into the wisdom of human behaviour. She believes that people can reach their innate potential by understanding themselves on a deeper level through increased awareness of feelings, breathing mindfully and expressing freely. She truly believes that people can live authentically by doing what they love, and each person is unique and full of gifts.  Living a meaningful and joyous life is possible by aligning mind-body-heart-spirit through breathwork.  

Aysu was born and raised in Turkey. After graduating from Interior Architecture and Environmental Design, she worked as a set designer at the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation for 20 years. During these years, her love of movement guided her to become a certified yoga instructor in Ashtanga Yoga / 200Hr and a Pilates instructor. While she was working full time, she began teaching yoga and pilates and  exploring the body-mind connection. She was amazed how mindful movement can positively affect our well being, and was inspired to dive deeper beyond the physical practices into exploring healing modalities.  

Aysu is certified in Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping), Pranic Healing Level 1 and 2, and has attended Family Constellation group practices to resolve unpleasant feelings she had been struggling with. All of these techniques helped her to understand how dysfunctional patterns can occur in our lives.  

What is it that makes people act the way they do and what makes them happy, sad, successful and fulfilled? Why do we feel stuck? What shapes our lives? How can we change? These are questions that she has often asked and sought answers to.

Her curiosity eventually led her to become a breathwork facilitator. She says, “I find that Introspective Breathwork is the most gentle, powerful and safe way to heal. I’m so grateful to be able to share this practice with others. Gathering everything I’ve learned through my personal journey brings me to you to serve with compassion and love.” 

Her mission is to support her clients to free themselves from fear, emotional pain, anger, struggle, anxiety, unhealthy relationships and trauma in order to create the life that they desire; she facilitates this by designing her sessions according to her client’s needs.  

She lives in Montreal, Canada and also currently teaches pilates to groups and private clients. 

You can contact Aysu by email or phone through WhatsApp about her services and to book an appointment.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +1 514 814 8678