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breathwork healing process listening skills Oct 04, 2021
Breathwork meditation

Last night a group of courageous and empowered souls completed The Personal Journey. 

Listening to them speak about their experience and perceptions of each other and their time together was truly heartwarming.  It's amazing the amount of self-awareness and personal growth that can occur in just 3 months.  

But--our lives can be forever changed in only one conscious moment.

Healing is about becoming conscious, becoming present.  We cannot heal that which we suppress, ignore, or keep hidden in the shadows.  It's those things that cause us distress, disharmony, and dis-ease.  Our body holds onto everything, and our body knows what we need.  When we are disconnected from ourselves, or don't listen to the messages our body is sending, our body speaks louder.  This can look like anxiety, fatigue, muscle tension and pain, and can escalate to much more serious conditions.  

Think about a baby or young child who wants attention... what do they typically do? 

They may speak louder, cry, and even act out, just to get your attention.  A child is aware of their needs, but lacks the capacity to fulfill them on their own.  The child's nervous system reaches out to seek attention externally in this way, in order to meet his/her needs. Our nervous system continues to 'speak up' about our needs as we age, but as adults it is up to us to respond to our own needs.  The degree to which our needs were met as a child, and to which the needs of our body were honored, affects our ability now to 'tune in' (as well as our willingness to reach out to others, entrusting that our needs will be met).  

Oftentimes we ignore or suppress our feelings because we are afraid of what may happen if we face them, especially anger.  But when we suppress 'undesirable' feelings, we also cut off our access to experiencing more joy, happiness, and love ('desirable' feelings).  

Healing doesn't have to be hard or intense, it can be a gentle and nurturing process.  This is our philosophy at One Breath Institute.  We aspire to hold you in a frequency of unconditional love and to encourage you to explore and accept all of yourself, in a gentle yet firm way.


With love,

One Breath Institute

Founder Lisa McNett

Co-Founder Debbie Schirmann

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