Receive the Love

Published on
September 6, 2023

How easy (or difficult) is it for you to receive?

I feel sad when I think about how most of us (myself included) deflect things like compliments, gifts, random acts of kindness, and other forms of love.  We have a tendency to give more than we receive, and some find it almost impossible to receive.  We have our "reasons", the ones we tell ourselves.  Reasons like a desire to be humble, or that we're shy and don't want to be on the spotlight, or we feel we're receiving acknowledgement for something unwarranted.  The deeper truth, when we choose to look at it, is that we feel unworthy or unloveable.

We shape our core beliefs about ourselves from the very beginning of our life, and develop strategies for how to survive based on the experiences we've had.  Most of us have developed armor and negative beliefs about ourselves.  Many people think of trauma as an event which occurs, when in fact trauma is our body's response to something which occurs.  We all respond to things differently, and something seemingly minor can cause a whole lot of hurt for someone.

This world we are born into is not such an easy one to live in, but it's getting better as more people choose to become conscious and to heal themselves.  If you're reading this, thank you for being someone who is making that choice - the choice to heal.

Breathwork helps us to receive love because it helps us remember we are loveable and worthy.  It helps us to process past experiences which were hurtful, and return to the awareness that we are resilient, beautiful beings.

The next time you catch yourself deflecting love, I invite you to stop and breathe.  Take a few breaths, and receive the love.

With love,

One Breath Institute

Founder Lisa McNett

Co-Founder Debbie Schirmann

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