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breathwork training exploring triggers introspective practices Oct 18, 2021
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Healing isn't always pretty.

Let's face it, most days we just don't want to do it.

Every person, place, thing, and situation that triggers something inside us presents an opportunity for healing.  Healing comes through introspection - and introspection requires patience and courage.  When we become triggered, if we aren't careful, we can default to responding from our wounds.  This can look like yelling, name calling, avoidance, ending a relationship (and more) - and behavior patterns of turning to food, substances, sex, or shopping to make ourselves feel better.  None of this typically solves the issue, and more frequently leads to us feeling worse later on.  Breathwork offers us the opportunity to explore our triggers and to solve them at the root.

When we sit with our triggers, with all our frustration, anger, sadness, feelings of victimization, and breathe with them, new awareness and possibility begins to emerge.  But we must be open and honest with ourselves.  This is where the support of a breathwork facilitator can be helpful.  A facilitator creates a safe and open space for someone to breathe and explore their inner landscape.  We help them to stay present and connected to their body, we offer reflections, and we help someone find meaning in their experiences.

To become an effective breathwork facilitator, it's necessary to stay committed to our personal healing, to welcome the healing even when we'd rather not.

With love,

One Breath Institute

Founder Lisa McNett

Co-Founder Debbie Schirmann

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