About One Breath Institute’s Logo: Why We Chose the Merkaba

Published on
September 6, 2023

The word Merkaba (sometimes spelled Merkabah) is actually composed of three words: Mer-Ka-Ba (or Bah).  Mer means light, Ka refers to spirit, and Ba refers to the body.  It speaks about achieving a higher level of understanding of life, earth, and the world as we know it.  In simpler terms, it's the path of personal and spiritual development that allows you to raise your vibration and be your best self.

In sacred geometry, the Merkaba symbol talks about the perfect balance between body and spirit, between the Above and the Below, between the higher realms and higher consciousness of light and 3D reality of our human experience.  ​​The Merkaba symbol also refers to the healing energy effect of the Divine Union between Male and Female Energy, meaning the Union of Self, the spirit and body, and of the Self with the Divine.

When considering the Merkaba meaning as a symbol from ancient times, we have to start from the notion of the body as the vehicle of the spirit, ascending towards a higher dimension.  The Merkaba symbol becomes the representation of the ascension process.  It's a multi-layered approach to reuniting different directions, and bringing together polar opposites.

The Merkaba symbol speaks about reuniting the opposing energies of the higher and lower dimensions, the flesh and the divine, the sacred and the profane.  In essence, the Merkaba speaks about fulfilling your full potential.

We realized a few months ago that the Merkaba was/is the perfect representation of One Breath Institute and our mission as a healing center and school.  The colors we have chosen to incorporate into our new logo and branding have also been carefully chosen to represent who we are and who we wish to connect with.  There are multiple layers behind these color choices, and we’d like to share one of the reasons we chose these colors with you.

Red = is a deeply rooted, grounding color.  Red is connected to the root chakra, and in order to be fully grounded and present, trauma held within the root chakra must be healed.

Sea Green = heart-centered and loving.  Green is the color of the heart chakra, and in order to love and receive love unconditionally, our heart chakra must be healed and balanced.

Purple = supports spiritual oneness, connection, and harmony.  Purple is the color of the crown chakra, which connects us with higher realms–our highest self, the Divine, spiritual wisdom and knowledge.  In order to bring this higher knowledge through our body in a way that is beneficial for us and our lives, we need to be grounded at our root chakra and connected to our heart center.  This alignment also helps to reach your full potential.

Our purpose at One Breath Institute is:

We provide healing services and training to facilitate personal transformation through Introspective Breathwork™ & practices, relationships, and unconditional love–resulting in elevated consciousness and self-actualization.

Basically, we’re here to help you heal and reach your full potential–and we train facilitators to help us spread this work all over the globe!  Thank YOU for being part of our community and mission!  

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