Rachel Elizabeth Gordich

is passionate about human growth and evolution. Rachel believes, by aligning with the principles and flow of Nature, we can collectively create just, harmonious experiences of life. Through the practice of Conscious Embodiment, we awaken to our innate wisdom and bloom into our true forms.

Rachel suggests, “We each have the ability to heal from traumatic experiences and to learn to live a life guided by embodied presence.” As a Holistic Somatic Practitioner, Rachel’s therapeutic approach includes the wisdom of Humanistic, Existential, and Psychodynamic theory infused with the philosophies of Yoga, Energy Psychology, and Indigenous Human-Earth practices. Rachel believes that soul healing requires a recalibration of the relationship between body, heart and mind. She says, “There is an experience of coherence - where the unification is balanced, aligning felt sense, bodily rhythms, and open contemplation. This is my experience of an optimal flow state, where life and all of its seeming complexities are beautiful and gracious as they move through me.” 

Through Introspective Breathwork™ and other somatic healing interventions focusing on present moment experience, Rachel seeks to create space for her clients to ‘feel’ into difficult past experiences and to resolve the blocks inhibiting embodiment. She shares, “You are not responsible for what happened to you. You are not responsible for the actions or inactions that led to your harm. You are, however, responsible for your own healing. Let that land as what it is; an opportunity to experience the transformative power of self-love.”

Core beliefs that are foundational to her approach include:

  • all traumatic wounds can be healed, no traumatic experience is ‘too big’ or ‘too much’ to heal from
  • we heal in relationship, through attunement and connection
  • whole body healing includes the energy body, spiritual body, and physical body
  • nervous system regulation is a prerequisite of embodiment
  • awareness begins the process of change, acceptance begins the integration of change

Scheduling will begin soon.  If you would like more information or would like to be notified when scheduling opens contact Rachel at [email protected].

Watch an inspiring interview with Rachel here.