Sarah Forristal

is a breathwork facilitator and holistic therapist, specializing in massage therapy and reflexology. Creative and curious, Sarah studied art after leaving school and then went on to train in bodywork. Immersing herself in Chinese medicine theory and the practice of yoga, qigong and meditation opened up a connection to the internal landscape of the body. Through her training with a Daoist master she learned to become aware of the subtle layers and to see life and nature in a new way.

‘I felt drawn to breathwork and after hearing the call repeatedly I first trained in pranayama techniques and then found One Breath Institute. Breathwork training with OBI opened a door of discovery through which I am continuously learning.’

Sarah is interested in cultivating connections to the body and to nature. She lives in tune with natural cycles and sees the human experience as a cyclical process. Breathwork has reignited her creativity and she has discovered that drawing and painting flow by connecting to the breath. She is also fascinated by the nervous system and is investigating this further through self-exploration and work with clients.

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