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What is Somatic Breathwork?

This transformative practice lies at the heart of One Breath Institute's training programs. Somatic breathwork is a holistic approach that combines controlled breathing with somatic (body-awareness) techniques to release physical and emotional stress. It's more than just a breathing exercise; it's a journey towards profound self-awareness and healing.

At One Breath Institute, we specialize in providing comprehensive somatic breathwork training and certification. Our programs are meticulously crafted to guide you through the intricacies of this powerful technique, whether you're seeking personal development or aspiring to become a certified somatic breathwork practitioner.

Discover how somatic release breathwork can unlock deeper levels of emotional release and physical relaxation. As you explore our offerings, you'll gain valuable insights into this unique practice and learn how it can enrich your life and those of others. Join us and master the art of somatic breathwork, a key to holistic well-being.

Benefits of Somatic Breathwork

Stress Reduction & Mental Clarity

One Breath Institute's approach to breathwork training is renowned for its dual benefits of stress reduction and enhancing mental clarity. This holistic practice, merging controlled breathing with body awareness, not only alleviates stress but also clears the mind. It's particularly effective for resolving trauma and promoting a calm, focused mental state; these can be essential in both personal and professional realms.

Emotional Release & Healing

Emphasized at One Breath Institute, somatic breathwork is a key tool for emotional release and healing. By facilitating access to deep-seated emotions, often linked to trauma, it allows for a safe and gentle release process. This technique is integral to emotional healing, enabling practitioners to confront and release emotional blockages, paving the way for emotional resilience and well-being.

Self-exploration & Personal Growth

Somatic breathwork, as taught by One Breath Institute, serves as a gateway to self-exploration and personal growth. This introspective practice encourages practitioners to delve deep into their inner selves, fostering heightened self-awareness. It is especially beneficial in trauma-informed environments, aiding individuals in understanding and transforming their personal narratives and life experiences.

Is Somatic Breathwork Effective?

Somatic breathwork, as practiced and taught at One Breath Institute, is not just effective; it's transformative, especially in treating mental health issues like trauma, anxiety, and more. Supported by research, somatic breathwork has shown significant benefits in improving stress and mental health. This technique enhances autonomic, cerebral, and psychological flexibility, fostering emotional control and psychological well-being, as evidenced in scientific studies​​.

Breathwork's effectiveness extends to clinically diagnosed anxiety disorders, which are among the most prevalent psychiatric conditions globally​​. Its simple, fast-acting, and cost-effective nature makes it an invaluable tool in addressing physical and mental health challenges, as highlighted during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Embracing somatic breathwork leads to a transformative journey, offering profound relief from mental health challenges. Its power lies in its ability to unlock emotional release and healing, enhancing mental clarity, and fostering personal growth. At One Breath Institute, the focus on trauma-informed training ensures that practitioners are well-equipped to guide others through their healing processes, using breathwork not just as a practice but as a pathway to holistic well-being.

How to Practice Somatic Breathwork at Home

Discover the transformative power of somatic breathwork from the comfort of your home by Join our online free Somatic Breathwork Sunday Session.

This unique opportunity is your gateway to a deeper understanding of breathwork, tailored to suit individuals at any level. Whether you're a beginner or have some experience, our session is designed to introduce you to the principles and practices of somatic breathwork. In this session, you'll experience first-hand the benefits of this powerful technique, guided by our expert facilitators.

It's not only a great way to get a taste of our comprehensive breathwork training course but also a chance to start your journey towards personal growth and healing. No matter where you are on your path, our Free Somatic Breathwork Sunday Session is the perfect starting point to explore how breathwork can enhance your life.

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With breathwork, I release the expectations, validation, and impressions I have absorbed from others. Although we are autonomous creatures, the world's distractions may sometimes blind us. Breathwork lights the way back to our highest selves.

CC Cerrito

OBI Student

I had the pleasure of finding my way to the One Breath Institute after getting to do introspective Breathwork sessions with Lisa. I have been trained in Breathwork as a therapist, and I’ve done many personal Breathwork sessions and co-facilitated several powerful Breathwork groups; Lisa’s style, and the approach taken by the rest of the OBI founders and team, is among the most powerful healing experiences I have had. I jumped at the chance to go through the training which is focused not only on how to be a breathworker, but how to be an authentic and attuned healer.

Brennon P Moore

OBI Student

When I reflect on how One Breath Institute has changed my life, it's hard to even remember who I was in the beginning. I felt ‘called’ to breathwork and I had never even experienced it! Introspective Breathwork™ has changed who I am as a person (for the better) and my training at OBI with Lisa & Debbie has enabled me to have a profession that doesn’t feel like work. I wake up feeling grateful that I GET to do this! If you’re feeling the call or the nudge to become a Breathwork Facilitator, do it!

Renee Kreienbrink

OBI Student

Enroll in a Free Somatic Breathwork Session Every Sunday

Every Sunday, you get the opportunity to experience (for free) healing with our community.

1st Sunday of each month: Participate in an Introspective Breathwork® session led by OBI founder Lisa McNett or Debbie Dickey, to experience various elements of our transformative healing approach. This may encompass somatic release breathwork, guided meditation, movement, sound therapy, and other techniques. Each session introduces our holistic healing modality, designed to foster deep personal healing and growth.

All other Sundays: Experience Introspective Breathwork®, guided by student in training for their somatic breathwork certification or one of our graduates.

By registering for any one of these sessions, you are agreeing to the terms of One Breath Institute's membership agreement. You also acknowledge the risks involved with conscious connected breathwork, have read over the contraindications and sought professional medical advice as necessary.

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