Experience Introspective Breathwork™

Every Sunday, you get the opportunity to experience (for free) healing with our community. 

1st Sunday of each month: Join OBI founder Lisa McNett or Debbie Schirmann for an Introspective Breathwork experience that may include any aspect of our life-changing healing modality, including guided meditation, movement, sound, breathwork, or something else. 

All other Sundays: Experience conscious breathwork, guided by an OBI Trauma-Informed Breathwork Introspective Breathwork™ Facilitator, or a student in training with us.

By registering for any one of these sessions, you are agreeing to the terms of One Breath Institute's membership agreement.  You also acknowledge the risks involved with conscious connected breathwork, have read over the contraindications and sought professional medical advice as necessary.

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Are you interested in becoming a Certified Breathwork Facilitator?

If you're curious about our Certified Breathwork Facilitator Training, CLICK HERE to watch a ‘sneak peek’ video of our course!