Become the Hero of Your Own Life

If you're ready to put yourself first, feel empowered to create and live the life you want and actually heal from your past, this program is for you. 

The Personal Journey is your opportunity to connect with yourself in a way you never have before--to get real, to feel and to heal--through Instrospective Breathwork™.  Discover the life you know you're meant to live!

I Am Ready To Start My Personal Journey

It's Time To Step Into Your Power 

You were born to be of service. You know that you are here to help others and to make a difference in this world. You can feel it in your bones. 

Helping those in need feels natural to you, as if it is your purpose. People and animals are naturally attracted to you, and tend to seek you out for assistance. Saying yes comes easy for you since you feel most alive when in a helping role.

However, you are tired, burnt-out, and confused. It seems as if no one is there for you - no one shows up to help you the way you show up to help others. At this point, you aren’t sure how much longer you can handle everything on your own. You realize you need support and don't know how to find it.

Maybe you have been asking yourself, “What would my life look like if I put myself first?” Maybe this is the first time you have actually wondered what that means. 

This question may feel scary or selfish, especially if you have grown accustomed to neglecting your own needs. Yet, what if putting yourself first is exactly what you need to do in order to: 

  • Feel joyful and desire towards life
  • Connect fully and authentically with your children, family, and friends
  • Become an agent for social healing, growth, and change
  • Experience more drive and engagement with your passions
  • Live in harmony with your dreams
  • Embark on the life you have always wanted

You know what you want - to help individuals, families and communities worldwide to heal and to grow in health. You are now also realizing your ability to align with your purpose is impeded because your own health and wellbeing is not where it could be - not where it must be to actualize this goal.

You are probably interested in (and study), psychology, addiction, criminology, sociology, philosophy, and maybe even a variety of mind-body-energy healing modalities and approaches. You may even work within one or more of these fields. Still, you realize something is missing…you haven't yet attained the ‘healing’ you have been searching for. You haven't found the conscious community you have been longing for. You haven't found your Tribe.

Welcome to The Personal Journey

The Personal Journey is what you have been searching for! Our program is unlike any other personal development experience you’ve ever had. You will be seen and supported in a way that encourages grounded introspection. You will reconnect with the wisdom held within your body. You will learn how to integrate and embody your experiences. You will become a valued member of an awakened fellowship. You will become empowered to recreate your life and to show up in the ways you have always wanted to. 

The time is now. You are ready to build a lasting foundation of health and wellness for yourself. You are ready to live free of stress and anxiety. You are ready to build authentic relationships in your life. You are ready to step fully into your power.

You are ready for a reset - a reset that allows you to experience a new foundation based on presence, self-love, and trust. You are ready to become the creator of your life and to experience the life of your dreams.

To get there – it's time to say yes to yourself!

If you're ready to put yourself first, ready to deepen your experience of healing, and ready to become empowered to create the life you want, click the link below.


I'm Ready for The Personal Journey
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Why The Personal Journey?

TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE!  You can live a happier, healthier life starting right now! With every conscious breath, you can connect more deeply with yourself, heal from your past, and transform into the person you are meant to be.  

The Personal Journey is the best life-changing program available today. It is designed to bring you into deep connection with yourself - to get real, to feel, and to heal. This journey is for the courageous self-explorer who is ready to become the hero of their own life - ready to transform stress, fear, and trauma into joy, freedom, and spaciousness!

This training is intended to meet you where you are in life and help you get to where you want to be. We achieve this through Introspective Breathwork™, our system of healing which includes breathwork, self-reflective practices, group/partner activities, and conscious embodiment. Breathwork is at the core of our program. You will learn to create an intimate relationship with your breath. Why? Because our breath is medicine, it is the foundation of life! 

You are here because you're seeking more. When you leave here, you will have the tools to positively impact your life, your relationships, communities and ultimately bring change to the world, One Breath at a time.

You Are Ready To Join Now Because

I Am Ready To Start My Personal Journey

What Support Will I Receive?

Throughout the Personal Journey, you will receive support unlike you have ever received before. It is our intention that you feel heard, valued, seen, and accepted. All are welcome here.  

We are person-centered, which means we are non-directive, refrain from judgment, experience all students as unique beings, and recognize our roles as supportive guides - not as authority figures.

It is important to us that you have every opportunity to receive support from our staff, and to connect with your new global community!

These opportunities include:

  • Mentorship - You will have a mentor as your main point of contact throughout your training to ask questions and ensure you are feeling confident about your progress.
  • Private Sessions - Our in-house Support Specialist, Vanessa, is available to hold space for you when you need extra support.
  • Group Sessions - We host a weekly "group session" for all students and alumni every Wednesday 2-3pm Eastern.
  • Breathwork - OBI hosts community breathwork sessions every Sunday at 11am Eastern. You are welcomed and encouraged to attend. 
  • Community - Connect anytime with your new worldwide community, accessible online or through an App downloaded to your phone. Each cohort also has their own group.
  • Peers - You will get to know your peers well, and are encouraged to meet and study together. Your peers will become a source of support, connection, and friendship.

Through introspective and reflective practices, your awareness of your breath and body increases. This improves your ability to make decisions that are best in-line with your goals, values and belief systems. Together we will intentionally connect with your strengths, help you navigate safely through your challenges, and support you along the way--reminding you that you are valued, you are important, and you have purpose. 

Tell Me More!

The Personal Journey is a the first module and starting point of our Breathwork Training, and is also a standalone program open for all to attend. Learn more about our Breathwork Certification Training here.

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