Vanessa Rincon

My name is Vanessa Rincón, and I was born and raised in Venezuela. I now live in sunny Florida with my family (which includes my retriever/chow-chow mix senior dog, Chanel, who is also born, adopted and raised in Venezuela). I studied and worked in mass media and journalism for 5 years until I moved to the US, where I decided to completely change my career path by studying different modalities of holistic healing.

In 2020, I graduated from The Hellinger Institute of Family Constellation. Then in 2021, I completed the Transpersonal Coaching training under Carola Castillo's school. Recently, I graduated from OBI as a Trauma-Informed Breathwork Facilitator, where I currently serve as student support.

I fell in love with the breath, and realized how powerful and transformative it can be to connect with it through the Personal Journey.  Then, I rediscovered my call to hold space for others to breathe through the Practitioner Training. My own breath has been my greatest support through all the changes, doubts and up-and-downs of my everyday life, and now I would love to help support you while you discover your own path.

In my spare time, I enjoy reading a lot (fantasy and non-fiction being my favorite genres), watching movies and TV shows (currently that's a lot of anime!) and going on walks with Chanel.

I truly enjoy connecting with people and supporting others in connecting with their own inner power and unique self-chosen story.  If you feel the call to embody the ‘real’ you, whether through healing ancestral lines or through a felt-sense breathing session, I am here to help.

Email Vanessa at [email protected] for more information about scheduling a session with her.