Wendy Kimball,

Owner of Nurtured Growth, is both ardent student and passionate teacher of self-care, life balance, trauma healing, wellness, empowerment, and personal growth. 

Wendy's own transformative journey of healing and personal growth serves as her inspiration, and today she is proud and grateful to share the skills she has learned with her clients. As a Certified Breathwork Facilitator, Certified TRE Provider, and ICF/ACC Certified Personal Transformational Coach, Wendy helps others on their journey toward empowerment and healing. 

Wendy is passionate about teaching others to heal themselves from stress, tension, and trauma; especially other healers. “I often hear the mantra, heal the healers,” Wendy says. “If I can empower the healers, then I can send a ripple to all of their clients, friends, and family. This work makes my heart sing.” 

Through Wendy's extensive training in Breathwork, TRE, and Personal Coaching, she helps her clients learn ways to overcome issues that drain the psyche such as: 

  • PTSD          
  • Depression
  • Childhood Trauma     
  • Stress
  • Insomnia     
  • Anxiety
  • Work Burnout     
  • Panic Attacks
  • Anger Issues
  • Muscle Pain/Tension     
  • Unhealthy Habits
  • Numbing Behaviors (food, alcohol, technology, etc.)

Wendy was born and raised in Coastal Maine, and furthered her education in Virginia, where she studied Historical Preservation and Urban / Environmental Planning. Wendy spent the next 27 years building an impressive career and four-page resume detailing proficiency and high level accomplishments in Municipal Government, Public Transit, and Community Development. While she was extremely successful and proud of her work, deep down, Wendy wasn't happy.

As physical and mental stress began to take its toll, Wendy sought a different path. Ala Eat Pray Love, a well-timed solo wellness retreat to Thailand was a major turning point in her life. Immersing herself in meditation, yoga, TRE, introspection, and self-care, Wendy returned to Virginia with insight, curiosity, and a plan for what would eventually become Nurtured Growth. 

In her spare time, Wendy loves traveling, learning about new cultures, gardening, being in nature (especially near the ocean), spending quality time with loved ones, learning and teaching new things, volunteering (especially with the elderly), dancing for fun and stress relief, and visiting friends and family back in New England.

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Phone: +1 540 374-1127 (Available through WhatsApp for international communication.)